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Accelerating Minds

In the next decade, the world will change as much as it did in the last century. This is your personal map, empowering you to not only navigate but also influence the transformation.

We use AI to offer personalized learning. We host live events. We aim to prepare for the Singularity.

What We Learn?

101 - Introductory Level

The Accelerating Minds program is structured around a comprehensive curriculum that introduces you to the fundamental concepts and tools needed to understand and navigate exponential change. The journey begins with an introductory course called 'Progress and Predictions,' which serves as your guide to the world of exponential technologies. This course covers 11 emerging technology categories and explores the defining characteristics of exponential growth, setting the stage for the rest of the program.

201 - Intermediate Level

Building upon the foundation laid in the introductory course, Accelerating Minds delves deeper into the dynamics of exponential growth with a module focused on convergence. This section explores how advancements in one emerging technology can catalyze progress in another, creating a snowball effect of innovation. Through engaging games and activities, such as the 'Convergence Domino' and ‘Name a Convergence’ you'll learn to identify and analyze convergence patterns.

As you continue to explore the concept of convergence, Accelerating Minds will challenge you to break free from the confines of single-discipline thinking. You'll learn that the most innovative and effective solutions often emerge at the intersection of multiple fields, where diverse perspectives and expertise can combine to tackle problems from unique angles. By embracing this cross-disciplinary approach, you'll develop a polymath mindset that is essential for navigating the complexities of our interconnected world.

301 - Advanced Level

Accelerating Minds refers to the outcomes of convergence and cross-disciplinary problem-solving as 'pathways' rather than simply 'solutions.' Pathways lead to a solution with the added benefit that as they are built on emerging technologies each on of the building blocks will just keep getting better and better and the pathway as a whole “rides the wave” of exponential progress.

While Accelerating Minds is dedicated to empowering individuals to tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges we are in a unique position. We are learners. We can play pretend. When we can solve real world problems “for real” it is wonderful. When we can’t, there is still a ton of value in brainstorming. We do believe in the power of ideas.

" No matter what quandaries we face—business problems, health issues, relationship difficulties, the great social and cultural challenges of our time—there exists an idea that will enable us to prevail. We can and must find that idea. And when we find it, we need to implement it."  - Ray Kurzweil

In the advanced level of the program, we delve deep into the heart of these problems, analyzing their causes, consequences, and the complex systems in which they exist. This in-depth exploration enables participants to develop a nuanced understanding of the issues at hand, paving the way for the creation of more targeted, effective pathways to positive change.

How Do We Learn?

AI Driven Online Learning Experiences Built on OpenAI GPTs

⚠️ You need to have a ChatGPT Premium subscription to access these GPTs. 

Soon access to GPTs will be free for all ChatGPT users!

Learning Community

The AI-driven online courses feature a GPT that serves as an interactive textbook and personal tutor. This GPT is designed to understand the course content deeply and can answer your questions, offer clarifications, and provide additional examples to enhance your learning experience.

6Ps: Pathway Edition

An educational brainstorming game  that presents imaginative problem scenarios, encouraging you to think critically and develop innovative solutions. By participating in this game, you'll sharpen your problem-solving skills and gain a deeper understanding of the 6 Ps framework.

AI Career Advisor

Careers of the future, the future of careers.

Pick a profession that interests you and the advisor will lead you through an analysis of how various emerging technologies are impacting it.

Personal promise: Financials should never stop you from learning. If you honestly cannot afford our services but would like to learn with us send me an email at scholarship@warmersun.com

Exponential Thinking

Drawing inspiration from the story of John Nash, as portrayed in 'A Beautiful Mind,' we acknowledge the power of the human mind to overcome its own limitations. Learners challenge their natural intuition, develop the skill of thinking exponentially, and reimagine their understanding of the world around them.

We need to develop tools and knowingly overcome our wired-in limitations to no longer think local and linear.

Cognitive Framework

To navigate the complexities of an exponentially changing world, Accelerating Minds equips you with a personal map—a tailored cognitive framework, a mental model to help you know where you are, and give a sense of distance and direction. 

Our program differs from other approaches like STEM or Maker Education, as it focuses on developing mental tools and broad perspectives required to understand and anticipate the impacts of emerging technologies and exponential trends. 

Figure It Out Together

The plural 'Minds' in our name signifies the power of collective intelligence, where individuals with varied backgrounds, skills, and perspectives come together. We don’t promise to know all the answers but at least we can help you ask the right questions and from there we can figure it out together.

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