• Party Service

    for adults with kids who want to switch off

  • On-demand Entertainment for Kids

    Connect online with a facilitator real time
    who will keep the kids actively engaged!


    an alternative to playing a movie


    can switch off

    Parents can get together with other adults.

    Often what happens is the kids play together for a while and then they run out of ideas. At this point the host turns on TV and play them a movie. This is passive entertainment.

    We provide a better alternative.


    keep kids engaged

    You can visit our website and connect children with a facilitator and other groups of kids online.

    The facilitators will keep children active and engaged.


    get entertained

    Kids thus are looked after by a trained adult. They are actively participating, creating and learning. They can even connect with other children.

  • No scheduling needed

    Visit our website and join online

    2 Hours

    Sessions are two hours long

    25$ / hour