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Membership in the Warmer Sun Global, Online Learning Community

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Membership in the Warmer Sun Global, Online Learning Community

Warmer Sun
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Join our global online learning community.

What to expect

If the concept of technological Singularity is all new to you ... we have an introductory course with easy, daily self-learning and cohort based group activities

Follow the progress of emerging technologies and predictions for where things are headed.

If you're a parent then meet other like-minded parents and discuss hard questions of the 21st century together: we call this "exponential parenting".

Are you deciding what to do next? Maybe after high school or perhaps you're at a point in your career where out of foresight or (let's hope not!) necessity you need to figure out what to learn and how you can make a living with that. Let's look at how existing professions are impacted by automation and other emerging technologies. What are the careers of the future and what's the future of specific careers?

Life is not just techno-utopia. There are big global issues in the world - like climate change or the fact that there is still slavery to this very day. Learn problems about these so we can make things better. (Our list is better than the UN SDGs :))

Join our regular programming

In addition to the text channels and forums we have live, recurring group video events with engaging activities to learn together.

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Asking 125 CAD$/month... you pay what you think is a fair price.

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30-day money back guarantee

in other words, if you find this was not what you were looking for we refund your monthly subscription cost. No questions asked.

Last updated May 15, 2023

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We use Discord as the software platform powering our online community