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🧠AI Learning Companion - History - 📓 Wolfram notebook

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🧠AI Learning Companion - History - 📓 Wolfram notebook

Warmer Sun
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AI Learning Companion built for high school seniors and university undergraduate students who want to learn history.


Ask questions and follow-up in conversation using OpenAI ChatGPT. Pick either GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 models.

The AI has some teaching tools, it can have its facts verified using the Wolfram knowledge base, do a web image search, draw maps and timelines.


Power tools for learning history

Global historical context

My history teacher used to ask: "...and who was the emperor of China at that time?"

One thing that is hard to fo is to zoom out and think through what different countries even on different continents were doing at a given time.

  • Pick a year and AILC will generate a global, world-wide overview. What era, historical periods is the decade part of?
  • Who were notable people alive at the time?
  • What were the notable events, inventions, cultural achievements?
  • Which countries were in war with one another?

We harvest all this data from the curated, Wolfram knowledge base, visualize it and then hand it over to GPT-4 to write a nice, readable narrative.

Historical world map

Get a dated map of the word, zoom in on a continent or a list of present day countries. What kingdoms, empires exist at the time?

Historical Country Animation

View a historical country - a kingdom or empire - over time. See its rise and fall on the map as it expanded and shrank.

Military Conflict Animation

See battles of wars on the map over time.

Easily take what you learned

Publish and share with others

First, click the "Prepare to Publish" button

...then use Wolfram's built-in Publishing feature

Copy-Paste the generated answers

How over the text and click to copy to the clipboard. Then paste in your document...

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AI Learning Companion for History, Powered by GPT-4

Wolfram Desktop (recommended) or Wolfram Alpha Notebook Edition
your own OpenAI API Secret Key (you pay OpenAI for what you use)
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