• Convergence Canvas

    A visual tool to describe, assess and create Pathways that build off the convergence of multiple emerging technologies.

  • Technology

    Technology is what takes something that is scarce and makes it abundant. Speech is a technology. Clothing is a technology; The light in your home or heating. So are things like computing or 3D printers.

    Emerging Technology (emTech)

    When a technology becomes information based it goes through an exponential progress in its development.


    The interplay between various emerging technologies where advancement in one field accelerates the development of another.


    By Pathway we mean not necessarily a solution but rather a trajectory to build a solution.

    Weak Convergence

    More and more we see Pathways that are building on multiple ongoing trends, the exponential advancement of various emerging technologies.

    It’s using emTech1 and emTech2 to build X

    Strong Convergence

    There are also examples of using emTech1 to reach new levels in emTech2 to we can then build Y


    For example

    - using a rocket to get to the Moon and operate a new kind of 3D printer that manufactures from lunar dust (see Icon Project Olympus)

    - using a 3D printer to manufacture a new kind of rocket (see Relativity )


    for more examples see https://warmersun.notion.site/c4c6398f6aae482da3cebd79a174d60c?v=af85427b6f064018908c0acf6a785f54

    Convergence Canvas

    The canvas provides a visual thinking tool to discuss, assess and create Pathways from the convergence of emerging technologies.

    It categorizes emerging technologies based how they operate between the two worlds: the (digital) world of information and the real world of material, atoms and living organisms.


    Most of humanity’s global problems require a solution ultimately in the real world. (We cannot solve hunger by feeding people bits.)


    In our categorization some emTechs have counterparts.

    Transporting cargo or passengers in the real world - either by self-driving cars, drones or even a spaceship - has an equivalent in the world of information: moving information in 3D space is networking.

    Automation is similarly either purely abstract, information based with AI or embodied in the physical world with robots.

    Lastly, we put energy as what powers things in the real world and computation in the digital world. (After all, there is energy needed to store even one bit of information.)

    emTechs in both worlds

    Some emTechs “have a leg” in both worlds.

    Sensors and IOT provide a way to measure the real world and then capture these measurements as information. In this way it’s a portal between the two worlds. 3D printing (AKA additive manufacturing is going the other way: dreaming something up and then turning that digital model into something real, tangible.

    Synthetic Biology goes both ways with gene sequencing and gene editing.

    Augmented and Virtual Reality creates a kind of link between the two realms, overlaying digital information on the real world.

    Lastly, in the broader sense the innovation in the crypto currency space with decentralization operate in both the digital and the real world.

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