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This is the beginning of mapping out companies, non-profits and individual projects who all share a common cause: to prepare people young an old so they can make a living and hopefully do it in a way that bring joy and self-fullment - which ultimate leads to a better world.

It starts with realization of what is happening around us, what are the trends that we are already seeing that are sure to play out and bring tsunamis of change. Then understanding how it impact us at the individual level. 

Automation is a big one here as it is causing one to be more productive on one hand but replacing jobs and professions on the other hand. There are also new professions emerging that one can now study at the highest academic levels and has realistic hopes to find  employment. e.g. space mining, or flying car engineering

There is a dark side too that people need to know about if they are lucky enough to not experience it firsthand - too many of us struggle still with hunger, lack of access to energy, education, sanitation, cean water etc. etc. Then there is the climate crises, ecological crises and the ever reminder of the possibility of nuclear annihilation. 

Warmer Sun focuses on cultivating a shared sense-making, staring with our soon launching intrductory course Progress and Predictions.

We're wokring on partnering with TeachTheFuture as they are doing similar work in their futures studies Future Leader Program.

Warmer Sun also provides free forum to discuss implications of all the progress and predictions. Follow our Exponential Parenting topic and have conversations with others about what it means as a parent. Follow the other topic too where we look into the future of careers and careers of the future.

When it comes to career planning you can reach out to our partners

  • Tech Impact: career planning for the 21st century
  • Brain Athletes: who focuses more on retraining, mental exercises, brain fitness and the art of un-conditioning
  • Effective Altruism with their 80,000 hours idea is also something to consider: how to do good better.

Not everyone has equal opportunity to study and shape their own future. We are working with Spectrum Transformation Services in Uganda and helping them every which way we can to build the MIT of Eastern Africa, a STEM+Design+Innovation school that can grow into a network of campuses.

Let me finish with the words of my friend Arnold Beekes, who's running Brain Athletes

Yes, I know you are busy. Maybe you are not a good dancer (just like me). Still, you care about our society. you care about our lives, future generations and nature. I know you want to contribute. The future looks black and bleak if we do nothing. It is time to act, from the bottom-up. Together, we can design and implement radical new ways of learning, living and working. Please join the dance.






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