• Exponential Parenting

    An online community of families future-proofing their children.
    Work together with your child.
    Connect with others using online video.
    Build creative and innovative skills.
    Show them applications of emerging technologies.


  • Innovate Together

    Each of our sessions will lead you and your child through the creative process.


    Whet your apetite

    Each time you will learn something new. We keep this introduction short and exciting, just to get gears in your kids brain working. Each time we expose them to an emerging technology and its application to help them find their passion.


    The big question

    Next we present you with a challenge in the form of a short, animated video. The characters in the story face a problem - related to the topic you chose.

    Maybe they are sick and the nearest hospital is too far; or perhaps they are trying to save endangered animals from poaching.

    These are adaptations of the world's real, global issues in a kid friendly way.

    Design Thinking

    A structured way through the creative process.

    The design thinking process starts with empathy: relating to the characters in the story. Your children will work together with you and other children online to discover what problems the characters are facing. This builds their emotional intelligence.

    Then ask the classic How might we...? question and define what needs to be created to solve the problem. Once you know what to create brainstorm with other children online.

    Finally, using your tool of choice build with your child a prototype of your invention and share it with the group

    Expert Guidance

    Our facilitator

    Creativity, innovation is a skill that can be built. Our facilitator will guide you through the creative process and teach you a new tool, technique or method every time that you can use in a particular phase of the design thinking process. As you go through the steps several times in multiple sessions your kids with learn valuable skills that she can use for a long time.


    To conclude the session - while your are still working on the prototype - the facilitator will also link what you invented to real life, existing innovations. These might be futuristic but they are all existing inventions to show and implant in your kid how much is possible with care and knowledge of emerging technologies.


    The facilitator also ensures that it's safe for children to connect and share video online.

  • Work With Others Around the Globe

    All you need is some space for a little arts&craft and a laptop or tablet that can video chat.

    Every 30 Minutes

    Sessions start every hour on the hour and half hour. This way you do'n need to schedule when you want to join in.

    Of course, if you have friends you want to bring in to play you should set up some time with them so you both join at the same time. 

    2 Hours

    Set aside two hours for quality time. Our experience is that this provides just enough time to go through the steps of the design thinking process and create somethings. It's a deeply engaging, focused, in-flow activity.

    6 Teams

    One facilitator is leading a session for a small group of 6 teams online.

  • How It Works

    Have Fun Time Online


    Access any time

    Visit our website any time and there will be an activity starting soon.


    Pick Your Toy

    Select the toys you have. You can start with pen and paper and other similar arts&craft material.
    If you have other toys like a mini-drone, robot lego, littleBits, 3D printer then let us know so we can connect you with others who also have something similar. This way you can play together and learn from each other.


    Pick a topic

    What challenges and what emerging technologies excite you? Choose a session that matches your passion.

  • About Us

    Exponential Parenting is brought to you by Warmer Sun Education.