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Tools we use - Part 1 - High Fidelity

 One of the tools we use is High Fidelity. High Fidelity has an interesting back story. It started out as a social VR platform by the creators of Second Life. Second Life is a multi-player online world. It's no longer the hype but actually has a stable million monthly users and through its virtual currency it has an economy. In 2015 their GDP was half a billion dollars. There is an interesting documentary about Second Life on Netflix.  So one of the founders, Philip Rosedale started this new venture, to create a similar online world, but this time in virtual reality. They did succeed in having the world record of most people online in a shared VR experience... then it kind of flopped and they had to pivot.  There is a great blog post from Philip Rosedale where he explains what needs to happen in consumer VR before such Ready Player One style virtual worlds can be built. Since the code for their platform is open source it lives on. Follow the Vircadia project. Interestingly, Linde